End big business and banking capture of EU policymaking

GUE/NGL MEP Rina Ronja Kari has welcomed today's plenary adoption of a report that calls for greater lobby transparency.

The Danish MEP said: “This report is a significant step in the right direction; however it is regrettable that this revision sidesteps around the introduction of a mandatory transparency register. Rather than politely asking the Commission to 'consider' such changes and 'encourage' officials to use the register, Parliament could have sent a stronger signal by firmly demanding that the Commission put forward plans for a mandatory lobby register.

“The current register is incomplete and many lobbyists have not registered. It is clear that a voluntary register does not work. Without a mandatory register citizens are unable to identify what interests influence legislation in the EU. This is very problematic, both because a lack of transparency tends to breed corruption, and because it reinforces the idea that only those with pots of money can influence decision makers.”

She continued: “A report published last week from lobby campaign group Corporate Europe Observatory shows that the financial industry employs 1700 lobbyists and spends more than 120 million euros a year lobbying the EU. That might be one explanation as to why the financial system in the EU is still just as vulnerable to speculation as it was at the outset of the crisis.”

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