Chevron against Ecuador. 15/04/2015

Chevron against Ecuador. 15/04/2015

15/04/2015, 16:30- 19:00, Room ASP IG2 European Parliament, Brussels

Interpretation: FR, DE, IT, EN, EL, ES, PT.


16:30. Opening by Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL

16:40. Presentation by Marina Albiol, MEP GUE/NGL and Coordinator of EUROLAT

16:50. Presentation of a letter signed by MEPs supporting the affected communities by Chevron's activities: Javier Couso, MEP GUE/NGL, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

17:00. Projection of the documentary “Chevron's Toxic Show”.

José Luis Galán (Director) and Julieta Pérez (Producer) original version with English subtitles.

18:00. Interventions:

– Pablo Villa Gómez, Ambassador of Ecuador

– Luis Nieto, Spanish Committee for the Defence of Ecuadorian Amazon.

– Gladys Huanca, Victim of the spill.

– Pablo Fajardo, Lead Lawyer against Chevron Corporation.

– Helmut Scholz, GUE/NGL MEP, INTA rapporteur on Ecuador.

18:40- 19:00. Intervention of the public and concluding remarks.




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