Crisis in Europe - The European social model

Crisis in Europe - The European social model




























GUE/NGL seminar, in cooperation with the Forum Social Europe (European network of trade unionists)

Crisis in Europe:

The ‘European Social Model’ and Alternatives from the political and trade union left



Wednesday 11 April 2012



15.00 – 15.10 Welcome by Gabi Zimmer (GUE/NGL President) and Horst

Schmitthenner (FSE)


15.10 – 15:50 The next stage of the global ‘Great Recession’ – Analysis and Perspectives for Europe (Dr. Özlem Onaran, Euromemo, Senior Lecturer on Economics, University of Westminster, UK)


Comments from GUE/NGL MEP’s Nikos Chountis and Søren Sondergaard



15.50 – 16.40 Discussion, concluding remarks


16.40 – 17.00 Trade union’s in Europe: Between accommodation and resistance? (Vasco Pedrina, National Secretary Unia, Member of the ETU Executive Committee for the Swiss Trade Union Confederation SGB, Switzerland)


17.00 – 18.00: Discussion, concluding remarks


18.00 – 18.30: Schedule and planning for the GUE/NGL and FSE meeting in
the second half of 2012



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