GUE/NGL Group meeting with Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus, as guest speak

GUE/NGL Group meeting with Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus, as guest speak

President of Cyprus Demetris Christofias will meet with the GUE/NGL group 03/07/2012 at 18.00 to discuss the Cypriot Presidency of the European Council.


Meeting: GUE/NGL and President of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias.
Location: Room S2.1 European Parliament, Strasbourg
Time: 18.00 on 03/07/2012

Speech by GUE/NGL Group President on the Cyprus Presidency

From 1st July, Cyprus will take over the presidency of the European Union for the next six months. On this occasion, the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament met in Nicosia with President Demetris Christofias and his entire government.


Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL, stressed that Cyprus will have to face enormous challenges during its presidency. Europe is undergoing one of the most important economic crises since the 1930s, which is badly affecting its future and its economy; tackling the economy and dealing with the social crisis must be the top priorities of the forthcoming presidencies.


Our societies will not survive years of economic and social decline brought about by blind austerity policies. “It is not up to people to pay for the crisis,” Gabi Zimmer said.

“What people expect from Europe is job creation, to fight against poverty and for social justice. What normal people expect is that Europe does not only save the banks but also people.”


Gabi Zimmer met with Andros Kyprianou, General Secretary of AKEL, and assured him of the GUE/NGL group’s solidarity and its availability and cooperation during the Cyprus presidency.

She also met an important delegation of trade unionists from the Turkish-Cypriot community in Nicosia. They informed her of their concerns about the situation there and the movement of new settlers arriving from Turkey and the wish to assimilate the Turkish-Cypriot population.


In her wishes for a successful presidency, Gabi Zimmer paid tribute Demetris Christofias’s achievements up until now on the Cyprus issue and said she hoped that peace will prevail in Cyprus.

“A peaceful co-existence of the two communities is the only possible solution,” said Gabi Zimmer.