Hearing - Serving organized crime: The State infiltrated

Hearing - Serving organized crime: The State infiltrated

Serving organized crime: The State infiltrated



GUE/NGL Initiative  11 November 2015 16h30-19h  European Parliament ASP 1G2 

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The links between corruption, organized crime and infrastructure projects are a growing phenomenon associated to public deregulation processes, the agencification of State administrations, privatizations and public-private partnerships. Inconsistent and unlawful concessions given to private stakeholders result in the failure of regulatory authorities' to monitor and control call for tenders' procedures and public markets.In this context, mafias and hidden organizations, operate n parallel or together with high level political interests in order to drain massive public funds while distorting considerably the normal functions of Justice and the delivery of basic public services in territories that are progressively abandoned by the State. 


Welcome address and introductory remarks: Curzio Maltese, MEP


16h45  – 17h30   Panel 1. Infrastructure works, public procurement and mafias

1) Fighting corruption in Greece: mechanisms and constraints

Mr. Giorgos Vassiliadis, General secretary in charge of combatting corruption, Greece

2) Mafias and their evolving mechanisms of control 

Mr. Francesco Forgione, former Chairman of the Italian Parliamentary Antimafia Commission

3) Corrupted public procurements: the TAV High Speed Rail Project

Dr. Massimo Bongiovanni, Lawyer, Legal adviser of the No-Tav movement 

4) What is the EXPO Milano hiding?

Mr. Marco Travaglio, Editor in chief, Il Fatto Quotidiano


17h30 – 17h45  Q&A Session

17h45  18h15  Panel 2. Shaping territories: the social impact of organized crime

1) Libera : organising local populations and production

Mr. Lorenzo Frigerio, Coordinator, Libera Informazione

2) Teaching under pressure: schools against mafias

 Ms. Anna Riccardi, School Director, Instituto Virgilio IV, Scampia, Italy

3) What culture can do against mafias

 Mr. Franco Ianniello, President, Cultura contro Camorra

18h15 – 18h30   Q&A Session


Conclusion and final remarks