Local authorities in Europe as targets of neo-liberal policies but also as places of resistance and

Local authorities in Europe as targets of neo-liberal policies but also as places of resistance and



European meeting of local councillors and parliamentarians
A GUE/REALPE Partnership

European Parliament,


Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February 2012

Wednesday 8 February 2012

3:00 PM– 6.30 PM:


How have local authorities become targets for neoliberal policies? 



Overview of the situation of local authorities in the various EU countries : which reform for the organization of localities? What about local public services? How are citizens deprived of democratic decision-making processes?



Speakers will include:

  • Lothar Bisky, Member of the European Parliament, President of GUE-NGL (Germany);
  • Raul Ariza, deputy mayor of Zaragoza (Spain);
  • Noelle Burgi, politologist and sociologist at CNRS (France);
  • Carlos Matias, local councillor in Entroncamento (Spain);
  • Willy Meyer, member of European Parliament (Spain);
  • Kyriacos Triantaphyllides, member of European Parliament (Cyprus).


Co-presidency :

  • Soren Bo Sorengaard, member of European Parliament (Denmark)
  • Marie-Christine Vergiat, member of European Parliament (France)




Thursday 9 February 2012
9:00AM – 1:00PM:


Resisting and proposing alternatives to promote genuine citizenship


Exchanging experiences on innovating projects in local authorities:

  1. Is it possible to resist national and European policies which are suffocating local authorities financially?
  2. Which alternative projects can we work out to come out of the crisis and promote a participative democracy?
  3. Which concrete network building between progressive local councillors?


Speakers will include:

  • Nikos Chountis, member of European Parliament (Greece);
  • Jean-Paul Plassard, president of REALPE (France);
  • Vanessa Silva, deputy mayor of Seixal (Portugal);
  • Stavros Yerolatsites, local councillor in  Strovolos (Cyprus).



  • Francis Wurtz, honorary member of the Europena Parliament (France);
  • Gaby Zimmer, member of European Parliament (Germany).


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