PIRATES OF THE SKY. The corners cut by low cost airlines

PIRATES OF THE SKY. The corners cut by low cost airlines

Public Hearing on

“Pirates of the Sky: the corners cut by low cost airlines”

Low cost airlines offer very low cost tickets whist both cabin crew and pilot rights, including safety for passengers and workers, are not fulfilled to the same quality as the other air carriers. The main purpose of the hearing is to highlight and identify problems when dealing with Low Cost Airlines. We will also explore issues relating to ground handling services and related jobs. Representatives from the respective professional fields are invited to share and pinpoint the problems concerning the topic of costs and safety in order to build a common understanding that will be helpful for passengers, cabin crew and airports. 


10.00 – Welcome and introductory speech: Rina Ronja Kari, Danish GUE NGL MEP 

10.15 – 11.30 Current situation and perspectives of the Low Cost Airline Industry

François Ballestrero, General Secretary of European Transport Federation (ETF)

Professor Peter Turnbull, Researcher at Cardiff University
Dr. Geraint Harvey, Researcher at Birmingham University
Tove Maria Ryding, Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Open debate: question and answers

11.30 – 13.00    Experience from Cabin crew, pilots and airport ground-handling staff representatives in taking actions against Low Cost Airlines

Sabine Wils, German GUE NGL MEP of the EP Transport and Tourism Committee
José Rocamora, CGT Marseille, France
Henrik Bay-Clausen, 3F Trade Union Representative,  Kastrup Airport, Denmark
Vegard Einan, Parat Trade Union, Norwegian Cabin Crew

Open debate: question and answers    

Conclusion remarks and next steps

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