Safe food for all. For a GMO free Europe.

Safe food for all. For a GMO free Europe.

Safe food for all. For a GMO free Europe

European Parliament Brussels

room ASP 1G


            Gabi Zimmer, Die Linke – President of GUE/NGL (tbc)

            Kateřina Konečná, KSČM – Czech Republic

Lynn Boylan, Sinn Fein – Ireland

    Prof. Evgeny Litvinov (RU) – Head of the Department of Agroecology and Plant Protection of Volgograd State Agrarian University – genetic and herbal point of view

    Prof. Gilles-Éric Séralini (FR) – CRIIGEN – Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering

               Possibilities of Plant Genetic Engineering

Gottfried Glöckner (DE)

        Legal context of GMO cultivation in the Czech Republic

Ing. Vladimír Mana (CS) – Directorate of State Administration – Deputy Minister Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

            GMOfree Europe to protect our nature and for a vibrant food sector 

            Mute Schimpf – The Friends of the Earth Europe

The role of GMOs in the ruin of family farming

João Rodrigues Vieira (PT) – Executive member of the National Committee of Agriculture – CNA





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