The Lyon-Turin Tunnel Project: Stopping a disastrous scheme

The Lyon-Turin Tunnel Project: Stopping a disastrous scheme


The Lyon-Turin Project



at the European Parliament  ASP 7 H 1

on Tuesday 14th October 2014 at 09.00 – 12.30

The TEN-T project Lyon-Turin is one of the biggest projects in terms of economic and environmental impact for which France and Italy are preparing to demand the co-financing by the European Union. Up to now 

neither a serious cost benefit analysis nor a public debate has taken place. The purpose of this meeting is to 

allow transfer of knowledge between experts and MEPs, to improve the dialogue between citizens and 

European institutions in order that MEPs argue their positions in view of the decisions that the European 

Parliament will have to undertake in forthcoming months.

09.00 – 09.20    Michael Cramer, President of the Committee on Transport and Tourism 

Paolo Prieri, PresidioEuropa No TAV, Italy 

Welcome Speech and Introduction

09.20 – 10.40    Moderation by Curzio Maltese, MEP GUE/NGL, ItaLisa Guillot, Environment Expert

Luca Giunti, Val Susa Towns Community Technical Commission, naturalist, Italy        

 Silvio Montesini, Italian Turin-Lyon opposition member, agronomist, Italy (15’)


 Q&A by MEPs and participants

10.40 – 12.00    Moderation by Tiziana Beghin, MEP Movimento 5 Stelle, Italy

Alberto Poggio, Val Susa Towns Community Technical Commission, engineer, Italy 

Daniel Ibanez, French Lyon-Turin opposition member, bankruptcy consultant, France 

Q&A by MEPs and participants

12.00 – 12.30    How to carry on

MEPs: Michelle Rivasi, Karima Delli, Curzio Maltese, Tiziana Beghin

In cooperation with Presidio Europa No TAV Movement 

Interpretation provided IT and FR, EN passive

A light lunch will be served at the end of the hearing at 12.30 outside the meeting room

Please address Roberto Lopriore GUE NGL Transport Policy Advisor Brussels +32 2 283 2387 for registration or need for a badge entrance to the EP 



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Roberto Lopriore, GUE/NGL, 32387, +32 22832 387, +32 499203219 

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