TTIP, Trade and regulatory co-operation: Benefits and costs. 5 March 2015

TTIP, Trade and regulatory co-operation: Benefits and costs. 5 March 2015

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TTIP, Trade and regulatory co-operation 
Benefits and costs


5 MARCH 2015, 15:00 – 18:30
European Parliament, Room A1G2 (Simone Veil entrance)
(Interpretation: FR, DE, IT, NL, EN, DA, EL, ES, PT, FI, SV, CS)

Guest speakers:

 – Jeronim Capaldo, author of the “Tufts report”
 – Ronan O'Brien, independent researcher


The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability – Jeronim Capaldo Study –  ENIT FRDE

The TTIP’s impact: bringing in the missing issue – Ronan O'Brien

Regulatory cooperation at the core of TTIP and its likely consequences – Ronan O'Brien



15.00. Welcome and introduction by MEPs Helmut Scholz and Paloma López Bermejo

15:10: Panel 1:

Jeronim Capaldo: TIIP European disintegration, unemployment and Instability (Tufts University)

– Lucien Cernat: DG Trade's Chief Economist:  Benefits of the TTIP


15:40: Debate with MEPs, respondents Joe François, contractor that carried the study for the Commission, Alex Izurieta, Sr Economist of UNCTAD, and other participants


16:20: Panel 2:

– Ronan O' Brien, independent researcher: Regulatory cooperation and TTIP's impact: bringing in the missing issue

– Myriam Vander Stichele, researcher on financial and regulatory issues (SOMO)


16:50: Debate with MEPs, respondents Ferdi De Ville (University of Gent) and Mute Schimpf (Friends of the Earth), and other participants,

17:30: Final turn of all speakers and respondents

18.15: Closing remarks by MEPs Eleonora Forenza and Anne-Marie Mineur




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