Greek MEPs round on Commission ahead of crucial Eurogroup meeting

Ahead of next Monday's Eurogroup meeting, GUE/NGL’s Greek MEPs have debated with the European Commission on the state of the country’s fiscal and reform plans.

Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the European Parliament, said it is time for the uncertainty to end:

“Is the Commission going to help get Greece out of this situation and cut unemployment, or just let time go by and give way to blackmailing from the IMF or Schäubler?”

“All it does is generate uncertainty and take us in the wrong direction!”

“On 20th February, we need some white smoke coming out of the meeting so that we’re not wasting any more time. We need to bring an end to this wretched ping-pong match. It’s time for creditors to respect their commitments,” he argued.

Nikolaos Chountis also lamented the state of the play and said Greece has suffered enough as it is:

“The Greek people will say ‘NO’ to the new, disastrous measures that the Greek Government and Troika are negotiating.”

“They will say ‘NO’ to the Euro and the monetary union that aims to put in place permanent austerity, privatisations and neoliberal structural reforms.”

“They will fight for their dignity and for democracy,” he added.

For Sofia Sakorafa, it is obvious who have emerged as the winners from this crisis:

“The truth is that whilst apparently trying to bring industrialisation back to Europe, special ‘economic zones’ have been created in the south with Greece as a model.”

“The truth is that due to the alleged instability of the Euro – supposedly started by Greece – others have become richer.”  

“And it is all there for us to see in Germany’s trade balance and surpluses.”

“Pursuing this policy is therefore a direct attack to every Greek and European citizen,” she concluded.