GUE/NGL expresses solidarity with Brazilian workers and condemns government’s violent response

GUE/NGL MEPs João Pimenta Lopes and Xabier Benito – both on the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the Federal Republic of Brazil – salute the 35 million workers who participated in last Friday’s massive general strike as further proof of the Brazilian people’s vehement rejection of the policies imposed by the illegitimate government of President Michel Temer. 

GUE/NGL also strongly condemns and deeply regrets the violent response by the Brazilian authorities against the workers who were freely exercising their rights to protest.

The people who took part in the strike – one of the biggest in the country’s history – also protested against the law concerning unrestricted outsourcing, and many more marched in defence of workers’ rights and social justice.   

GUE/NGL wants to send a strong message of solidarity to the Brazilian people and their struggle in reaching their demands and goals. In addition, our group salutes all Brazilian workers who commemorated International Workers' Day in different cities across the nation on 1st May.