GUE/NGL MEPs denounce impeachment of Brazilian President and express full solidarity ...

The approval by the Brazilian senate to proceed with the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, elected president of Brazil, constitutes a decisive step towards a coup d’état that the right wing  and Brazilian oligarchy, with the interference of the United States, has enforced.

It should not be forgotten that the arguments being used are not the result of any criminal procedure, and that this process is led by members with a known history of irregularities and illegal activities for which criminal investigations are underway. It is symptomatic that the vice-president, who shall replace the disposed President Dilma Rousseff, is also responding to charges of corruption and bribery in the courts.

The most reactionary  forces, and imperialism, have never accepted the process of change started in 2002 with the election of Lula da Silva, and have proceeded since then, with an increasing escalation of interference and destabilisation, to overthrow the democratically-elected forces.

Brazil is in serious danger of severely regressing in  political, social and sovereignty terms. 

GUE/NGL MEPS express their full solidarity with the democratic forces of Brazil, and trust that their voice, and the voice of the people that can be witnessed in the massive demonstrations in powerful reaction to these events, may prevail, defeating the perpetrators of this coup, the perspective of a new dictatorship, and the interference of the right and imperialist forces that seek to regain the influence lost in the past years in Latin America.

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