GUE/NGL MEPs urge ‘big polluters’ to sign up to Kyoto Protocol

Debating the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol and the agreement on Iceland's participation in the second commitment period of the Protocol,  GUE/NGL Environment Committee Coordinator Kateřina Konečná said: “This is an excellent report, however we must remember that the Kyoto Protocol was ratified in 1997 and never signed by the 'big polluters', namely the USA and China. “

“I welcome Iceland into the second round, however the combined effort of the EU and Iceland is negligible without the US, China and India.”

MEP Konečná added: “We will not achieve anything on our own; we must put pressure on the big countries to join us for COP21 in Paris.”

Lynn Boylan also contributed to the discussion, adding: “I welcome the EU’s conclusion of the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol. It signifies an important step for the continued effort in the EU to tackle its emissions output. Nevertheless, as we gear up to the most significant global climate summit in a decade, ambition remains uneven across the Member States.”

“We must outline a long-term vision for a serious and viable transition to a low-carbon economy. This current whitewash of green policies is not acceptable for serious climate action to take place.”

Estefanía Torres commented: “What future are we leaving future generations if we don't stop climate change now? We must use the Paris conference to pave the path for the future, we need political will and we must be bold.”

Anne-Marie Mineur concluded: “Frogs grow up and they leave their bucket, we have stayed in ours. We see climate change refugees and we carry on doing what we are doing. We have meetings and we speak to lobby groups. We are up to our shoulders in water  just talking; we need to get out of our bucket and get to work!”