GUE/NGL welcomes progressive delegation name change vote

GUE/NGL MEP Martina Anderson has welcomed the successful result from the vote to change the name of the Delegation for Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (DPLC.)

Speaking after the vote, Ms. Anderson, Chair of the re-named Delegation for Relations with Palestine, said:  “I am absolutely delighted with the result today. The name DPLC was not fit for purpose.

“This name change will allow the delegation and I in my role as chair, to go forward and fulfil the potential of its remit, working to improve relations with Palestine in relation to the protection and promotion of human rights, democratic values, social relations, economic partnership and the assessment of international agreements.

“Just this week we are seeking cross-party support for a resolution on the Middle East peace process aimed at making Europe play a far greater, progressive role.

“And following a meeting with High Commissioner Federica Mogherini yesterday, during which we discussed at length how Europe can advance the cause of peace in the region, I secured commitment from Mogherini that the adequate labelling of settlement goods would be in place before the end of the year.

Ms Anderson continued:

“After months of campaigning, this is a step in the right direction and the new name is much more representative of the excellent work being done by the delegation.

“The name change will allow this assembly to fulfil its potential as a fully-fledged delegation for relations between the European Union and an external state – in this instance, the state of Palestine.

“Whilst we are aware of the massive task ahead of us, this name change gives us a renewed impetus to move forward and advance a peaceful settlement and the evolution of a successful and viable Palestine in a two-state solution.”


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