On Parliament’s Secretary General position & associated misleading media reports

No decisions have been taken by The Left as part of any so-called “deal” to fill future vacancies, as suggested in recent media reports.

The Left has always sought, and continues to strive for, a European Parliament administration that reflects plurality, and is more inclusive, diverse, and gender-balanced. 

Following the announcement by the current European Parliament Secretary-General, in June, that he would leave his position at the end of the year, Parliament’s Bureau launched a recruitment procedure for the upcoming vacancy at its most recent meeting in July.

The Left supports the decision, in line with the European Ombudsman’s recommendations, to widen the field of potential applicants for this position beyond the restrictive grading limitations applied in previous procedures that would limit the number of applicants only to a handful of people, at the wishes of some political groups, and appropriately prevented on this occasion.

The Left is not involved in any “backroom deal”, as claimed in certain sections of the media, in order to favour any potential candidate over another. All candidates should be assessed on their capacity, their commitment to political objectivity, and to advancing the integrity of the Parliament’s representation of citizens in its role as their only democratically elected institution at the EU level. This also raises the question of the heavy politicisation of the administration and its instrumentalization for the benefit of some political groups.

On the creation of a new Directorate General of the Parliament, this proposal was first discussed in 2019. Following consideration of the possible role of this future DG, the Bureau’s decision to move ahead with this proposal was approved in July 2022.

On both of these issues, in line with normal group procedure, The Left will assess, and internally discuss, any positions to be taken on behalf of the group, where required, once all relevant information is fully available.

Any position taken will be grounded in a common approach based on our values of democracy, transparency and social and climate justice and our commitment to plurality, inclusivity, diversity, and gender balance in EU institutions.