Plenary focus - April

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  • Dimitris Papadimoulis
    Dimitris Papadimoulis
    Debate: Wednesday

    March’s EU Council conclusions

    The European Union must step up in order to meet the concerns and the needs of European citizens. The results so far on jobs and growth aren’t enough and we need immediate and concrete actions. We must have a stable Social Pillar for working rights and sustainable development, and a European Union that will correct its path rather than go down the same old problematic route of neoliberalism. Also, an agenda that tackles inequalities, unemployment, bad quality working conditions and unequal investments should form the basis of the discussions between the EU with the Western Balkans. Peace, stability and sustainable development are what the Western Balkans need and we must all take the initiatives on that.

  • Kateřina Konečná
    Kateřina Konečná
    Debate: Monday
    Vote: Wednesday

    Circular Economy

    We welcome this agreement as the waste package will lead to more recycling and contribute to the creation of a circular economy. The new rules will establish legally binding targets for waste recycling and fixed deadlines for the reduction of landfills. It will also boost growth and jobs, protect our environment, encourage sustainability and improve people’s health and well-being. It could’ve been more ambitious but we’re happy that the negotiations had been concluded without delays. That is why we will support this package.

  • Cornelia Ernst
    Cornelia Ernst
    Debate: Wednesday

    Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

    For years, Facebook has allowed dubious companies like Cambridge Analytica access to personal information of at least 80 million of its users. Even though its CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now publicly making amends, his testimony cannot be trusted: Facebook did not give away its data out of neglect or ignorance. They did it because it allowed Facebook to know more about their users, and to make even more profit. It is part of their business model, and that has to change.