Plenary focus - April 2023

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  • Manon Aubry
    Manon Aubry
    Debate: Monday
    Vote: Tuesday

    Fit for 55 falls short in meeting climate objectives

    The Fit for 55 package falls short in meeting our climate objectives and respecting the Paris Agreement. Despite the devastating climate disasters that have been sweeping across Europe, the EU has yet to implement climate policies that match the urgency of the situation. They stubbornly adhere to a market-oriented approach that is driving us towards disaster. As a result, the major polluters are still free to pollute, while the poorest members of society are expected to shoulder the burden of change, with inadequate compensation. The Yellow Vests crisis in France may have faded from memory, but we remain committed to ensuring that the poorest are not left to bear the costs of the necessary transition to a greener future.

  • Silvia Modig
    Silvia Modig
    Debate: Monday
    Vote: Tuesday

    Fit for 55: more effort needed

    Listening to the EU leaders speak about the climate, you could think that the EU is already on the Paris track. That's not the case and the climate target for 2030 (FF55) will define the EU's ability to get on the track of the Paris agreement. The binding target of a climate neutral EU by 2050 at the latest will not be possible if the 2030 targets are not met.

  • Malin Björk
    Malin Björk
    Vote: Wednesday

    Combating discrimination in the EU

    It is a shame that this directive has been blocked by a few member states in the Council for fifteen long years. We badly need more protection to ensure that European citizens are not discriminated against on the basis of age disability, sexual orientation or religious belief. We know that every day, people are refused employment, good health care or even to check into a hotel because they are lesbian, wear a hijab or use a wheelchair. This can't go on in Europe in 2023. It is high time to end discrimination.

  • Kateřina Konečná
    Kateřina Konečná
    Debate: Monday
    Vote: Wednesday

    Deforestation regulation

    After advocating for strong deforestation regulation for years, we now have a chance to finally realize this ambition. The current text represents a significant improvement from the original Commission proposal, with an expanded scope and strengthened controls. If we are to halt the European Union's contribution to deforestation worldwide, we need to adopt this regulation.

  • Chris MacManus
    Chris MacManus
    Debate: Wednesday
    Vote: Thursday

    Markets in Crypto-assets

    The “Wild West” of crypto must be tamed and the Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) rules are a good start. Crypto-assets are a threat to consumers and financial stability and must be regulated tightly. These assets are used as speculation tools and add little or no social or economic benefit. MiCA must be implemented and the EU must work to develop global rules.