Plenary focus - December 2019

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  • Martin Schirdewan
    Martin Schirdewan

    British election result & Brexit

    With this election result - Boris Johnson’s first significant political victory since taking office as British Prime Minister - Brexit should now be a formality. Many things still remain to be clarified, however. The Left in the European Parliament will continue our focus on safeguarding the social rights of all those citizens who will be affected by Brexit, as well as upholding the Good Friday Agreement in all of its parts. Furthermore, it is critical that we don’t allow Great Britain and the EU to engage in a tax dumping competition. Left MEPs’ commitment is to fight for the interests of European citizens, for social and climate justice, and for a peaceful EU.

  • Manon Aubry
    Manon Aubry
    Debate: Wednesday
    Vote: Wednesday

    Tenth anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty

    The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty was based on a democratic denial: the EU should never have chosen to ignore the results of French and Dutch referendum. As a result, the Lisbon Treaty has led to rising inequalities and stopped us from fighting against climate change. A decade on, the EU needs a structural reform to restore hope in the European project. GUE/NGL will take an active role in the Conference for the future of Europe and will propose radical institutional changes so that the EU will serve the people and the planet - not the market.

  • Stelios Kouloglou
    Stelios Kouloglou
    Debate: Tuesday
    Vote: Thursday

    Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

    An oligarch friend of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his chief of staff are allegedly involved in the most horrific murder Europe has witnessed in recent years. However, Muscat said he would remain in office until mid-January which immediately raises the suspicion that the investigation of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder will be tampered with. The President of the European Parliament must therefore raise this issue to the European Council - in the presence of Joseph Muscat.

  • Malin Björk
    Malin Björk
    Vote: Wednesday

    Public discrimination & hate speech against LGTBI people

    When local and regional governments adopt policies that attack the fundamental rights of LGBTI people - even going as far as declaring themselves as ‘LGBTI free’ - this goes beyond discrimination. It is more like a persecution.

  • Anja Hazekamp
    Anja Hazekamp
    Debate: Tuesday

    Animal welfare during transportation

    The ship that capsized in Romania in which 14,600 sheep drowned is not a mere ‘incident’. Animal welfare has always been roundly ignored during transportation to third countries. The EU should not allow animal transport if the welfare of animals cannot be guaranteed during the full length of the journey. The European Court of Justice agrees with this, and the EU must stop the export of live animals to countries outside of the EU, or risk similar tragedies from happening again.

  • Kateřina Konečná
    Kateřina Konečná
    Debate: Tuesday
    Vote: Wednesday

    EU Pollinators Initiative

    The protection of pollinators must be our priority as our very own survival depends on these organisms. Unfortunately, the EU Pollinators Initiative that was launched in June 2018 is insufficient. A reduction in pesticide has to be central to the future Common Agricultural Policy in order to further reduce pesticide residues in bee habitats. The current Initiative is inadequate in arresting the decline of pollinators in the EU and must be redrafted as soon as possible.