Plenary focus - July I 2019

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  • Sira Rego
    Sira Rego
    Vote: Wednesday

    GUE/NGL presidential candidate for the European Parliament

    My candidacy to the Parliament’s presidency is an opportunity to lay down our proposals for a completely different model of European integration and the role of the Parliament in it. I have been elected as an MEP after working on energy and sustainability issues at a local level, and they are important issues which are fundamental for the Left in Europe. Coming from Spain, a country faced with an immense struggle against the EU’s neoliberal policies, but also where the feminist movement has been amongst the strongest in Europe, my goal as President would be to bring some of the impulse from these social movements into the Parliament. As a member of Izquierda Unida, I was part of the Unidas Podemos list in the EU elections. This is a clear example of the unity between different leftist, environmentalist, feminist organisations and activists, and one which will be the basis of our work in the years to come.

  • Dimitris Papadimoulis
    Dimitris Papadimoulis
    Vote: Wednesday

    Vice-presidential candidate for the European Parliament

    ’m honoured that GUE/NGL has once again put me forward as the Parliament’s Vice-President for this term. The experience I have gained over the past five years has been invaluable. Throughout my time as Vice President, I have faithfully served this institution and the citizens of the European Union, respecting and promoting the founding ideas and principles of constructive participation, transparency and democratic accountability. If elected, I pledge to continue my service with the same commitment by helping to advance our work and strengthen the role of the Parliament for a better Europe.

  • Martin Schirdewan
    Martin Schirdewan

    Acting GUE/NGL President

    Our position as the Left - the only democratic opposition to the grand coalition - is clear: this Parliament needs a dignified leader, and Antonio Tajani has long tarnished our institution’s image. The Left has a clear alternative: our candidate Sira Rego will represent all those who favour transparency over backroom politics. We want a serious President to lead the European Parliament with dignity and respect - both in Europe and abroad. The Parliament needs a leader who will act in the best interest of the democratic institutions, and not for their own political party. That requires someone who can work with and respect all the democratic groups in the legislative process. We believe that person is Sira Rego.