Plenary focus - September

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  • Miguel Urbán Crespo
    Miguel Urbán Crespo

    Corruption and human rights in third countries

    This report pins the blame on countries of the South even though it is multinationals which are responsible for 70% of tax evasion in the world, many of them European. It also contains no analysis on the types of perverse financing that the EU defines as part of its external relations; nor the role of private sector companies in the public sector nor the origin of illicit movement of capital within the territory. The response is simple: isolation of tax havens, an international model that harmonises taxation and fiscal reform for the majority.

  • Malin Björk
    Malin Björk

    The Istanbul Convention

    The EU accession to the Istanbul Convention has been a major success. But we still have to act in response to women´s rights organisations and women´s shelters around Europe for a comprehensive EU legal framework - one without opt-outs for member states in combatting violence against women (VAW). GUE/NGL stands in solidarity with these movements and will not give up until a binding EU framework is in place.