Renewables-based energy system a step closer after huge support in Parliament

Commenting on the vote, GUE/NGL MEP Paloma López Bermejo and rapporteur for the ‘Renewable energy progress report’ said:


“The adoption of the report is a major step forward in the transition towards a renewables-based energy system, as required after COP21”.


“However, we hope the Commission takes due account of the European Parliament's recommendations in its upcoming proposals on renewable energy.”


“We remain cautiously optimistic but we mustn’t forget that Commissioner Arias Cañete was part of the government that killed renewables in Spain.”


“The EU must stay at the forefront of renewables development. This means that member states must step up their efforts towards 2020 and that we must take 30% renewables consumption as the minimum goal for 2030. This also applies on a national level,” the Spanish MEP added.


López Bermejo offered caution, however, and reserved stinging criticism for private energy companies: 


“The energy market is distorted by the selfish interests of private energy oligopolies – and not by public policy. Therefore, support schemes and preferential access for renewables, along with protection of the right to self-consumption, are key policies in this respect.”


“We must fight against member states' attempts to abandon these policies because they will fail their commitments on renewables development,” she warned.


“Furthermore, they should revise their policies to remove the barriers towards a more decentralised energy system – breaking the power of today's energy oligopolies.”


“We must learn from past mistakes, however. Energy savings, energy efficiency and sustainable agricultural practices for bioenergy must play a key role in the future.”


“Energy transition is not only a matter of industrial policy – it also has a social dimension. Workers' voices and the needs of the energy-poor will have to be taken into account,” López Bermejo concluded.


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