Smart Borders Entry/Exit System is unproven, expensive and violates right to privacy

GUE/NGL Shadow Rapporteur, Marie-Christine Vergiat, comments:
“The Entry/Exit System text that was voted on today is the result of negotiations with the European Council. It is complex, costly and dangerous to fundamental rights and freedoms. It conflates irregular immigration, border security and the fight against terrorism, and it's effectiveness has not been proven. This is particularly worrying, considering the huge sums of money that would be invested in it.”
“In this text, the European Parliament has retreated on many of its initial positions, notably on the right to respect for privacy and data protection. All biometric and alphanumeric data recorded in the EES will be accessible to the member states, including their immigration authorities, law enforcement authorities and intelligence services.
“Even worse, it allows data sharing and cooperation with third countries without specifying the purposes for this.
“The EES therefore institutionalises the registration of personal details of all third-country nationals on a mass scale in violation of their fundamental rights. This is a big brother-style policy and it would set a dangerous precedent,” warns the French MEP.
The text is expected to be voted on in the October II plenary session of the Parliament.