Solidarity with people in Belgium and France resisting neoliberal cuts

With the ongoing workers’ strikes in France and Belgium against neoliberal reforms over labour law, retirement age and austerity-driven budget cuts, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer has expressed the group´s solidarity with the people in the streets, trade unions, movements and political parties involved in the struggles in those countries.

“The Belgian and the French governments have ignored the devastating effects austerity has had across Europe.”

“Instead of supporting its citizens by investing in public goods and services, and in the future of the younger generation, they’ve instead kowtowed to the banks and corporations seeking more profits and paying less taxes.”

“The French government is trying to implement the German model of deregulation of the labour market which has not only increased job insecurity but has also led to one of the highest rates of the working poor in the continent,” Zimmer continued.

“We therefore declare our full solidarity with those on strike against austerity and the radical market reforms which these workers and employees and their families will pay for.”

“Our group's message to the people and to our friends on the picket lines is that we are on their side – and they have our full support” Zimmer concluded.