Terrorism: We don’t need more weapons and surveillance; we need to examine the causes

Speaking in Strasbourg during a debate on the terrorist attacks of the past few weeks, GUE/NGL MEP Cornelia Ernst made the following comments:

“The terrible events of the past days and weeks have had a deep impact on us. These tragedies continue yet our responses do not change. More weapons and surveillance don't lead to the effects we want to see – we have not yet established how we are going to work with countries where support for terrorism exists.”

“We must question how we prevent support for terrorism? How do we develop the necessary democratic processes? Why is ISIS so successful? Why is there support for them?”

MEP Ernst continued: “When I was in Iraq, I had a conversation with a bishop who said they don't need weapons, they need support. We must do something for the population in these countries and honestly ask why people, especially young people, see these terrorist ideologies as so attractive.

“We must look at the deficits that exist in the way we live together, where are our gaps, what can we do to bridge them?”

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