Ukraine government turning blind eye to fascism in its ranks

His statements are an insult to the millions of victims of the nazi regime and the struggles of Europeans against fascism.

The EU is an ally of the Ukrainian government despite its reactionary, far-right and fascist tendencies, of which Parubiy’s statements are only the latest example. We call on the EU to denounce these dangerous developments in Ukraine.

Parubiy must resign from his post and the Ukranian government must take firm action and apply zero tolerance against nazi and far-right ideologies that are prevalent in its ranks and on the streets.

While the government in Ukraine allows for public displays and mob violence from the far right, it has stepped up repression and taken steps to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Nostalgia towards nazism after the destruction it has wrought in Europe must not be normalised in public discourse. GUE/NGL will continue to highlight and fight these alarming developments in the European Parliament.