Plenary focus - February II

  • Marisa Matias
    Marisa Matias
    Debate: Tuesday
    Vote: Tuesday


    Although this report includes concerns like sustainable and socially balanced growth, growth friendly fiscal consolidation in its wording, the text ultimately remains focused on the strengthening of competitiveness and on forcing the countries under adjustment programmes to accomplish it even if it escalates unemployment, poverty and social inequalities. Economic coordination cannot be realised at the expense of the people.

  • Younous Omarjee
    Younous Omarjee
    Vote: Wednesday


    This report aims to go beyond current EU and member state views on the outermost regions. I call for genuine change in European politics in 2014, to bolster these assets and the opportunity represented by these regions of the EU. It is time for Europe to make the overseas territories a component of all its policies and its intrinsic development prospects.