Plenary focus - November

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  • Marisa Matias
    Marisa Matias

    Economic & Monetary Union

    The Emu report, with the excuse of trying to build a true roadmap for the construction of “genuine Economic and monetary union” demonstrates that the principle of solidarity on which the European project should be based, will only be put into practice if the coun tries experiencing severe economic difficulties first follow, as a precondition, the austerity measures established in the Fiscal Compact, six pack and the future two pack. this does not represent a solution to, or a way out of, the crisis.

  • João Pimenta Lopes
    João Pimenta Lopes

    Fisheries Policy

    The report proposes to take better account of the specificities of small-scale fisheries in the context of the CFP reform. among other proposals, advancing with the development of a community programme to support small-scale fisheries, recognition of the positive externalities generated by small and unpaid fishing, and the creation of specific mechanisms of support to put into action in case of emergencies such as natural disasters or breaks in activity determined by restocking plans.