To mark the 2015 centenary, GUE/NGL has commemorated the 1.5 million people who lost their lives in the Armenian genocide.

The group calls on parliaments and governments to encourage Turkey to recognise the Armenian genocide.

In this centenary year, the only way to honour the memory of the 1.5 million people who perished in the Armenian genocide is to recognise that it constituted a dark page in the history of world civilisation.

Turkish authorities must open their archives on these tragic events in order to start a genuine transparent debate that would help overcome the policy of silence that surrounds the genocide.

The group calls for the establishment of an Armenian genocide remembrance day.

The group also wants Turkey to be taken to task for its treatment of the Kurdish population in the country, its continuing occupation of Cyprus, as well is its encouragement and involvement in the crisis in Syria.

Read the GUE/NGL Resolution on the Armenian genocide from 13 April

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