A left majority in the European Parliament today won a vote in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee to protect fair access to social security.

The decision will go towards updating a regulation on the coordination of social security systems to facilitate labour mobility and safeguard rights. It also staves-off an attempt by the right wing to create a two-tier discriminatory system.

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer (DIE LINKE, Germany) comments:

“With today’s results, social dumping loopholes shall be closed and child benefits shall not be cut. Now we will defend this very good outcome in the negotiations with social affairs ministers in the Council.”

“The Parliament has shown that it can be a real social advocate for EU citizens. The EU must finally become social so it can gain support from its citizens. Today we took a small but important step in the right direction,” Zimmer concluded.

Note to editors

Today's vote on the regulation on social security coordination 883/2004 contains the following provisions:

Posted workers’ protection
Closing loopholes for social fraud by companies when they send their workers to other EU countries. Stricter rules for letterbox companies that are out of business or prevention of retroactive approval of unlawful posting.

Children and families with equal rights
Employees from Eastern Europe who work in Germany, for example, and whose children live in their home country shall continue to receive the same family benefits as domestic workers who pay the same taxes and contributions.

Better job search opportunities
Unemployment benefits shall be allowed to be transferred to other EU countries for half a year to make easier to find work there. Cross-border workers who live in one EU country and go to work in another daily shall get the option to choose where to apply for unemployment benefits.

Health insurance in the country of residence
EU countries are asked to provide access to health insurance to economically inactive EU citizens.

Long-term care benefits
More than 20 years after the first long-term care insurance was introduced in the EU, long-term care benefits are to be coordinated as a stand-alone benefit under EU law.

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