After decades of US politics dominated by the two main parties, Donald Trump’s victory has highlighted the arrogance of the political elite in the US. For years, both Republicans and Democrats have preached to their voters that their own brand of democracy is superior and this has backfired spectacularly. 

No individual, party or specific group can claim democracy as their own. Similarly, no group or individual can decide for others what democracy means.

Under the auspices of ‘freedom’, whole sections of US society have been socially, politically or economically excluded, exploited by a self-serving elite and where human rights violations are common.

Ordinary US citizens have therefore lost faith in their political system. Donald Trump’s victory is a defeat for both the Republicans and Democrats, and his election should act as a wake-up call for European democracies to renew the efforts to fight for our democracy and social justice every day.

With Trump’s finger now on the nuclear button, it is clear that we have missed the opportunity to secure genuine disarmament and a ban on all nuclear weapons. Likewise, military interventions are still seen as a legitimate policy tool. Moreover, human rights have also been instrumentalised over the years by those in power whenever it suited.

It is high time that this system of superpowers is replaced by a new global security order that includes all interests. We at the European Union should be the driving force to push for a more inclusive and secure world order.

On trade, EU member states and TTIP advocates must finally heed the criticism and listen to the opponents of a free trade agreement between the US and the EU. It is clear that a trade agreement by a Trump government with high social, democratic and environmental standards is impossible.

Finally, we strongly urge the new president to correct his stance on immigrants from every religion and background. He must be also uphold women's rights and ensure equal rights are also applied to all other minorities in his country.

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