GUE/NGL Shadow Rapporteur, Matt Carthy, welcomed the result of the vote on the report titled 'How the CAP can help to create rural jobs' which received the overwhelming support of MEPs.

“This vote comes at a critical juncture. With many aspects of the CAP currently being examined in advance of the mid-term review process and with job creation in agriculture and rural areas becoming an important point of debate, this resolution will hopefully contribute to the future reform of CAP policy,” stated Carthy.

“I am pleased that the majority of the amendments I put forward were accepted by MEPs from across all nationalities and political groups. Before submitting my amendments, I consulted with all Irish farm organisations, growers associations, local enterprise groups and environmental groups.

“Farmers operate in an increasingly global market and experience a far greater exposure to price volatility than other sectors.  The Commission has today been warned that deals such as TTIP, CETA and Mercosur pose direct threats to job creation and threaten traditional farming models in rural areas. The changes that these trade deals would bring would work against policies aimed at stimulating local production and supporting agricultural livelihoods in Ireland.

Through GUE/NGL's amendments, the report passed today also highlighted the devastating results of austerity policies on employment in rural communities and included warnings about the negative impact that withdrawal of Pillar 1 payments would have on farmers.

In addition, it called for measures to address issues faced by young farmers; simplified measures to protect local produce; the bottom-up approach to LEADER programmes to be restored; increased support for cooperatives; fairer distribution of Pillar 1 payments; and for region specific flexibility to be restored in the Second Pillar.

“This resolution will be debated in the European Parliament’s Plenary session by a full sitting of MEPs with the European Commission at the end of October. I will press to ensure that these crucial elements remain included in the final text. There is an opportunity to ensure that the Common Agricultural policy plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of jobs in rural Ireland and across Europe. It must be seized,” Carthy concluded.


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