“The chance of strict legislation on agrofuels in the EU ever existing has been dealt a blow after today,” said GUE/NGL MEP Sabine Wils following today's European Parliament vote on proposals to limit the amount of food crops used to produce agrofuels.

MEPs voted by a narrow margin against direct negotiations on legislation with the Council.

“Parliament's vote for a maximum of 6% of biodiesel in relation to the 10% blend ratio and the inclusion of indirect land use change factors in the Fuel Quality Directive might prevent the endless expansion of agro-fuel consumption in Europe. However, the lack of regulation of so-called biodiesel is not sufficient to tackle the current catastrophic consequences of agrofuels.”

“The Left rejects agrofuels as a false solution to climate change and has called for the abolition of the 10% incorporation rate for EU Member States.”

EU climate policy based on agro-fuels, acts in the interests of agricultural and oil companies against the interests of people and nature. The competition for land with food, land grabbing by multinational corporations as well as small-scale indigenous communities and the ecological problems of large monocultures are just some of the disastrous consequences of agrofuels,” Wils said.

“Instead of promoting agrofuels and current transport structures, the challenges of the future require a restructuring of the transport system in Europe,” Wils concluded.

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