Speaking in the debate on the situation in Ukraine in the European Parliament, GUE/NGL MEP Helmut Scholz drew attention to the social and economic circumstances in the country.


“The change in power in Kiev seems to have gone ahead as planned but the social conflict which has torn the country apart for years is far from being solved,” he said.


“Ukraine needs constitutional reform, free and fair elections, and a renewal of the whole democratic system that includes all political forces. The economy still hasn't recovered from the last shock therapy with unemployment at about 10% and the minimum wage at fewer than 2 euros an hour.”


Scholz called on EU leaders to deliver “normality and hope” for ordinary people in Ukraine and stressed the need to be clear and transparent about what the European prospects are for Ukraine. “We also must ensure that any money provided doesn't flow into the hands of oligarchs as it has done up to now.”


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