During the debate this morning in the European Parliament, Zimmer responded to the European Council's deal with Turkey: “We must understand this clearly. The European Union is dealing with human beings and their fundamental rights. These are not for trade. No-one – including the European Union – is allowed to trade in human beings and fundamental rights.”

“Categorising people by nationality and trading in refugees and migrants clearly violates international human rights agreements.”

“Some heads of state and government claim that this deal with Turkey is a European solution, but we've never been further away from a European solution!”

“On Monday at the EU-Turkey summit, the heads of state and government were simply looking at solutions based on their own interests as countries.” 

Responding also to the European Commission's plans for the new emergency assistance instrument for Greece, Zimmer remarked: “It is positive to see support for Greece, but nothing is actually changing regarding the burden that Greece is currently bearing and the total lack of solidarity from other member states.”

“Instead, what we need is a European and a global solution for refugees.”

“Anyone who shakes the hand of this Turkish Government is completely giving up on the values of human rights and solidarity. The current Turkish Government kills its own citizens. By bombing Kurds in Syria and supporting Islamist fighters, Turkey has contributed to creating the refugee crisis.”

“We cannot accept that the EU closes its eyes to these abuses and accepts this dirty deal with Turkey,” Zimmer concluded.

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