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A statement by Martin Schirdewan MEP (Die Linke, Germany), GUE-NGL co-president and member of the UK Coordination Group in the European Parliament, on the EU Commission’s legal action against the British government over the Internal Market Bill:

“I welcome the formal notice sent by the Commission concerning the Internal Market Bill. It is regrettable that such a step is needed to ensure that British government respects its obligations under international law.

“By its actions the British government seem to be intent on damaging the EU. It seems that they are not serious about a trade agreement, knowing as they do, that the European Parliament will not ratify any agreement while the offensive provisions of the Internal Market Bill are still on the table.

“Pending the outcome of the legislative process in Westminster and the legal proceedings, the British government should now stop playing games, listen to the majority in the North of Ireland, and implement in full the provisions of the Irish Protocol.”

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