European MPs Suggests European Parliament Support Eastern Partnership Countries In Their European Integration And Judge Russia's Pressure
Ukrainian News

A number of deputies of the European Parliament have suggested that the Parliament of Europe support Eastern Partnership countries, inter alia Ukraine, in their European integration and judge the pressure from the side of Russia on them, draft six resolutions read.

The European deputies note that the principles of equality and respect to rights, noninterference in domestic affairs of sovereign countries should not be restricted.

A part of deputies call on the European Commission and the Council of Europe to tell Russia that the development of the Eastern Partnership project is not aimed at the elimination of relations between the said countries and Russia, and to take certain economic and financial measures to assist in the stabilization of economies of those countries in case of financial and economic pressure of Russia.

At the same time, deputies of the European United Left group in their draft resolution suggest criticizing European diplomatic service for inefficient dialogue with Russia as for the Eastern Partnership countries and call for a compromise in order to avoid bad consequences for the citizens of the Eastern Partnership countries due to the competition between the EU and Russia.

Part of the deputies call for the intensification of the liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on September 11, the European Parliament intends to discuss Russia's pressure on the countries of the Eastern Partnership and on September 12, vote for the resolution on the issue.

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