GUE/ NGL MEP Stefan Eck today urged the European Union and other major international climate players to “speak the truth otherwise no one will take us seriously”!

During a joint event organised at the European Parliament by three EP committees AGRI-ENVI-DEV and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation/FAO, Stefan Eck called ongoing climate negotiations COP21 in Paris “a farce” as they failed to tackle the “direct link between Climate Change and livestock production and management”.

“How can they refuse to address such a burning issue”? asked MEP Eck. He added: “heavily subsidised meat markets and agriculture are going in the wrong direction”.

The rationale behind our thinking – he said – is ignoring “land killers, feed production and livestock” and all the devastation they bring. “Forest land grabbing of the size of a football pitch is disappearing each second” and with this comes “hunger, poverty and war”.

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