GUE/NGL wants to draw attention to the serious breach of the peace agreement in Colombia and the intensification of repression and human rights violations, highlighted by the killing spree of leaders and social and political activists, including former FARC-EP members – currently decommissioned – and their families.

The failure to fully implement the Final Peace Agreement by Colombian state institutions – in particular, the dismantling of extreme right paramilitary groups and the elimination of their impunity status – constitutes a critical factor in the worsening humanitarian and social crisis in Colombia and the violation of guarantees and democratic rights. This reality requires full respect for the Agreement signed in 2016 in Havana and its fulfilment to put to an end the campaign of violence and repression.

GUE/NGL also regards the intention of the Colombian government to join NATO with concern, and reaffirms that Latin America and the Caribbean should remain a zone of peace.

The recent results for the presidential elections gave hope to progressive and democratic forces in Colombia with Gustavo Petro in the second round run-off. It is clear for GUE/NGL that Gustavo Petro is the candidate of peace whilst Ivan Duque, whom Petro faces in the run-off, is the candidate against the peace process and of the oligarchies.

GUE/NGL denounces the silence by the US, the EU and the Latin American oligarchies, and by the international agencies and media on the serious situation in Colombia. GUE/NGL reaffirms its solidarity with the workers and people of Colombia, and with the Colombian democratic and progressive forces for their demand of total and definitive peace, and for social justice in Colombia.

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