The GUE/NGL congratulates the newly elected President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, following last week’s National Assembly vote.

Mr Díaz-Canel replaces Raúl Castro as president and his election is the result of a participative election process that started in October last year. It is a clear confirmation of the direction of the socialist revolution started by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The Cuban model is unique in Latin America and Cubans continue to fight for their sovereign model. This model is threatened on a daily basis by the imperialist strategy of the USA, which takes aim at the very existence of Cuba.

We want to recall that our group sent a delegation to Cuba at the beginning of this year in order to evaluate the impact of the illegal US embargo on the spot. We support the Cuban people in their fight against this economic embargo. It is a crime against humanity and clearly violates social and human rights and international law as, among others, medicine and medical devices are blocked. Our delegation was also happy to meet some of the Cuban 5, taking this as an example that international solidarity can have positive effects.

We take this as an opportunity to remind the EU and its Member states to not only re-establish and strengthen autonomous relations with Cuba, but to free themselves from any kind of US paternalism. In addition, we urge the EU and Member States to resist to the US embargo and take action against the impacts it carries such as the blocking of Cuban bank accounts by European banks in anticipatory obedience.

Our political group supports efforts towards deepening and consolidating the social and economic model of progress in Cuba and recognize the work of the government in the context of the complex situation it has been facing for decades, especially given the US blockade.

We reiterate our solidarity and commitment to the defence of the values of the Revolution and to the path of improving the living conditions of Cubans, including social and ecological transformation and collective and individual rights. We are convinced that the peace, progress, and well-being of the Cuban people will continue to be the principles that guide the mandate of the new President.

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