The European Parliament's report on the 2014-2020 consumer programme will not substantially strengthen consumer rights in the single market and retains too many shortcomings, according to the GUE/NGL group.

Speaking after today's vote, Cypriot GUE/NGL MEP Kyriacos Triantaphyllides bemoaned the lack of proposals for tackling current problems in the single market and their impact on consumers.

“The stress is on the importance of more competition, and more growth with no consideration for consumers. The original draft report contained positive measures on consumer rights, particularly regarding best practice, transparency in online trading, and vulnerable consumers. Unfortunately the result of the negotiations is far from satisfactory as it fails to acknowledge the role of the economic crisis in the current situation and does not include any proposals to change this” he said.

“The text makes no reference to the current situation in the internal market, which is responsible to some extent for the economic crisis we face. Moreover, it includes recommendations for addressing the situation via market liberalisation and even more competition and ignores the fact that these policies have led to increased prices, lower quality and fewer social services. We cannot ignore the need to protect consumers from the effects of competitiveness.”

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