Speaking during a debate on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright in the European Parliament this morning, Czech GUE/NGL MEP Jiří Maštálka said: “Since the information society directive in 2001, technological development has got ever faster and is way ahead of the legislation. It is difficult to agree on how to respond.

“Here we have a proposal for harmonisation but my group is afraid that the invisible hand of the market and figures like Google, can take advantage. For example, take the current 'freedom of panorama' debate. I believe, with this report has created a balance and a compromise between creators and consumers.”

Irish MEP Liadh Ní Riada also contributed, adding: “I welcome this report which attempts to achieve balance in the rights of artists and creators.

“Now we can make efforts to remove restrictions on the movement of intellectual property and to provide legal certainty for all those involved. The EP is taking into account the rights of consumers, and producers, who must receive proper remuneration and contracts. This is not the end of the debate but is an important step forward to keep up with technological change.”

For Greek MEP Kostas Chrysogonos: “The debate on protecting producers' copyright in an information society is one that requires several simultaneous objectives: protecting the producers and their rights, renewing our heritage and, at the same time, creating new access opportunities for artistic creation.”

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