Co-presidents of the Left group in the European Parliament, Manon Aubry (France Insoumise, France) and Martin Schirdewan (DIE LINKE, Germany), have warned of rejection unless the Council amends its long-term EU budget proposal.

In a letter sent to Council president Charles Michel, ahead of tomorrow’s extraordinary Council meeting dedicated to the EU budget, the two reiterated the Parliament’s demand for a budget that is at least 1.3% of member states’ GDP.

The Parliament had vowed to freeze further negotiations on the budget until there was change in the Council’s frugal position.

“We strongly believe in the necessity to preserve the historical and future policies of the EU, such as the Common Agriculture Policy and Cohesion Policy at their current budgetary levels,” the letter went on to say.

Both co-Presidents emphasised that “to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal and a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, a percentage much higher than 25% of the MFF should be dedicated to climate friendly investment,” condemning “the proposed increase in the share of the budget allocated to defence and border control, in particular via the Frontex agency.”

The Left contends that an EU budget fit for purpose must “defend a more Social Europe, delivering the European Pillar of Social Rights, supporting quality employment, education, social inclusion, integration of migrants and refugees, and equal access to healthcare.”

Finally, Schirdewan and Aubry urged the necessity for the creation of EU’s own resources such as a Financial Transaction Tax or a Carbon Border Adjustment tax. The EU must make the fight against tax dodging a priority.

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