In light of last week's European Council summit, GUE/NGL MEPs intervened this morning in a debate with Council and Commission on the conclusions drawn up by EU leaders.

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer commented: “Of late we have heard a lot about clashes in the Council between different countries and whether Mr Juncker should head the Commission. But we didn't hear any discussion of alternatives. The Council is going to continue on the same basis as in the past and continues to put pressure on member states with the European Semester.

“What about looking at the results of the elections and the voices of millions of voters who say we don't want an EU of liberalisation, of privatisation, of drastic cuts, that particularly endanger the possibilities for people to survive with dignity. We want tangible results to fight youth unemployment and to stop austerity. We want answers about how we can change these trade agreements.”

Irish MEP Matt Carthy said: “In May voters across Europe sent a clear message to their governments and to the EU, that message has unfortunately been ignored by the recent European Council meeting.

“The European Council has missed an opportunity to abandon the policies that created mass unemployment, mass emigration, hugely increased poverty levels and have caused stagnation in domestic economies. Instead, the Council concentrated on a carve-up of top jobs in the European institutions and ignored the impact of their austerity agenda. It's time for a new Europe of equal states working against austerity. We will continue to strive for that new Europe.”

Portuguese MEP João Ferreira said: “There was a shake-up at the last elections, but the consensus between the right and the social democrats clearly shows that they intend to press on with their project of dismantling civilisation. The guidelines adopted by the European Council are a menu of all sorts of attacks on people and workers: lower wages; fewer rights; fewer public services; and more inequality in the distribution of wealth.

“The determined struggle of workers and people will bear fruit in future. Sooner or later they will defeat this squalid project.”

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