GUE/NGL MEPs discuss Commission proposals on a Fairer Corporate Tax System.

Speaking during the debate in the European Parliament last night, GUE/NGL MEP Fabio de Masi said: “European tax payers lose over 1 billion euros per year in tax evasion and avoidance. We need country-by-country reporting, similar to what happens in the raw materials sector, so that we can have a proper exchange of information.”

He continued: “These new proposals do not go far enough; how can you use corporate secrecy to avoid avoidance? Let's not support the tax dodgers any longer.”

Portuguese MEP Marisa Matias added: “Tax fraud and evasion are visible signs of the injustices in the EU, whether legal or illegal, they are simply unfair and immoral. We see increasing unfairness; the tax burden is shifted to workers and multinationals get off scot-free. This Commission proposal is heading in the right direction, but is still full of holes. We need country-by-country reporting and taxation should be paid where profits are made.”

Portuguese MEP Miguel Viegas further commented: “Fraud and tax evasion are growing in proportion to the liberalisation of economies under globalisation. The Commission now feels obliged to do something and is proposing more of the same: vague woolly principles aimed at stopping money ending up in tax havens.”

“Tax evasion with the complicity of governments is a generalised practice. It is the governments of EU countries that are to blame for this scandal. We are harbouring no illusions; the solution is the end of economic supremacy over politics.”

Irish MEP Matt Carthy added: “Calling for measures to create more transparency in corporate taxation within the EU is laudable… and of course we want transparency and the larger corporations to pay their fair share of taxation, but all matters relating to taxation are a matter of national competence.”

Addressing the Commission, Spanish MEP Miguel Urbán Crespo said: “With the reform of corporate tax you have opened up one of the major issues facing the EU at the moment. However these measures are insufficient because there are clear loopholes. We need to make progress, but we need viable plans to fight tax evasion in each country. “

“These proposals increase the burden on the working classes. This Commission proposal shows we are closer than ever to stealing from the poor to give to the rich.”

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