Deal on resettlement reached after a four year-long block

After being blocked by EU member states since 2018, the Parliament and the Council reached a final deal on the regulation on resettlement on 15 December. 

The framework for a European regulation on resettlement was just about to be adopted under the Bulgarian presidency already in 2018, when a few member states vetoed the proposal.

With the current Czech presidency, however, the file was brought to light again. After receiving the green light from member states, a final trilogue meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9.40, in which a deal is expected to be reached.

Malin Björk MEP (Vänsterpartiet, Sweden), rapporteur for the file, commented:  “It is time for the EU to get this important legislation in place. It will help to ensure thousands of people to come to Europe in a safe way.”



The European resettlement framework regulation is a scheme in which the EU will be able to support member states to resettle some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees. It is the only EU legislation that opens a legal pathway for people seeking protection in Europe.

After the trialogue, the deal needs to be formally adopted by the Council and the Parliament before entering into force.

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