To mark the second annual UN International Day of the Girl Child today, GUE/NGL MEP Mikael Gustafsson has highlighted the fact that 31 million girls worldwide remain excluded from education.

“Knowledge is increasingly important in our societies and yet, despite considerable progress, too many are still left behind and excluded from the right to education. 57 million children worldwide are out of school: 31 million of them are girls. As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, I would like to underline that too many girls have their right to education denied, very often because they are poor, sometimes because they suffer discrimination, in other cases because they live in countries affected by conflicts.”

Gustafsson added: “A world where every girl, everywhere, has access to education would be a better place for all. Evidence shows that girls’ education, especially at secondary level, not only enriches and empowers the lives of girls, but is also crucial to reducing child and maternal mortality, ending poverty, achieving equality and sustainable development as well as making positive and lasting social changes.”

The theme of this year’s Day of the Girl Child is 'Innovating for Girls’ Education'.

“We can all do more by supporting new ideas and technological innovations to advance girls’ education and promote learning and empowerment,” continued Gustafsson. “In a world full of challenges and new threats, thinking and doing things differently in the field of education can allow us to get to the hardest to reach and make the right to education a reality for every girl.”

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