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  • Turkey

A failure to reach political majority in the European Parliament today means that next week’s plenary debate on Turkey’s violation in Greek & Cypriot waters will take place without a resolution.

However, the right-wing EPP group has singled out the GUE/NGL group by specifically accusing them of blocking a resolution on Turkey’s aggression.

The charge is wholly unfounded. This is a shockingly cynical attempt by the EPP to distort facts.

Ahead of next week’s plenary session, our group requested a debate entitled “Council and Commission Statements on the Stability in Eastern Mediterranean and the negative role of Turkey”.

In our written request we had asked for a debate followed by a vote on a resolution on this topic.

During the Conference of President’s negotiations today in Parliament, where the final agenda for the plenary is set, there was no majority for a resolution. The political groups agreed to have a discussion under the title: “VPC / HR statement on Stability and security in the Mediterranean and the negative role of Turkey”, without a vote on a resolution.

GUE/NGL strongly believes in the importance of holding this debate to expose Turkey’s illegal actions in the region and regrets that EPP is using the issue to play blame games.


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