GUE/NGL MEPs reminded the Council, Commission and Parliament that the Millennium Development Goals have not been achieved and called for change in relations with developing countries in order to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

This took place during this afternoon's debate in the European Parliament on the Council and Commission statements on the UN Sustainable Development Summit (25-27 September 2015) and development-related aspects of the COP 21.

Spanish MEP and GUE/NGL Coordinator on Development, Lola Sánchez Caldentey (Podemos), said: “Fifteen years ago, we set out goals that have not been achieved. In our trade negotiations with the Global South, we have never given priority to human rights. Economic profit has prevailed at all times. Hunger and poverty abounds in the Global South. Inequality has increased there and also in Europe. Austerity policies enforced here have exacerbated inequality and poverty. We need to apply those new goals to our own societies. I hope that the Council and Commission's statements will not just be empty words. Action is needed.”

Spanish MEP Marina Albiol Guzmán (Izquierda Plural), explained: “Let us say it, time and again: If we don't change global economic relations, we will never make progress. Sudan has an external debt of billions. Mozambique has 4.3 billion in external debt. You are just applying a band aid through development aid. Until the International Monetary Fund and other institutions change their ways, then nothing will change. What we can do is cancel the debt of these countries.”

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