Wednesday 12 November 2014

EP Brussels • ASP 1G02

16.00 – 18.30


“EU social situation and the Memoranda”

Joint initiative by AKEL, PCP, IZQUIERDA PLURAL.

Party and labour movement experiences in the struggle against the content and the implications of the Memoranda and the social situation in the EU. 

Opening by Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL (3min)

1st panel: (8m each speaker)

EU policies: The content and the implications of the Memoranda in Cyprus, Portugal and Spain


Andros Kyprianou, Secretary General of C.C AKEL, Cyprus

Cayo Lara, Federal Coordinator Izquierda Unida, Spain

Joao Ferreira, Member of Central Committee, Portuguese Communist Party, MEP

2nd Panel: 6min each speaker

Social rights under attack


Pampis Kyritsis, Secretary General of Pancyprian Workers Federation (PEO), Cyprus

Carlos Braga, Member of Movimento de Utentes Dos Servicos Publicos, Portugal

Carlos Martinez, member of ATTAC, Spain

Discussion/debate 60min

Contributions from Members of several organizations/movements, (Movement Against Privatizations, Movement against Foreclosures of Properties, Pancyprian Union of Doctors (Government), Division of Nursing of PASYDY, POVEK (SME’s), PROODEFTIKI Teachers' and Students' Organizations


For more info contact:

Stelios CHRISTODOULOU +32 (0)2 28441434

[email protected]


GUE/NGL press contact:  Gianfranco Battistini

+ 32 475 646628
[email protected]

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